Tim case


Tim has been a therapist for 12-13 years now. He worked as a personal trainer before becoming a therapist, his main skill set is skeletal realignment(manipulation) He works closely with all types of people from world level boxers/karate professionals to your 90 year old lady who can''t walk properly and every type of person in between. He has dealt with car crash victims, gun shot wounds even some poor person that has been hit by a charging bull!!

He has a clinic in Lymm and they also operate a mobile cryo chamber. He has four rooms on offer and 6 members of staff. Watching pain solutions grow in 20 months of trading has been one of the biggest adventures of his life he is confident it will carry to grow in popularity with the public/ sports teams.

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The healing benifits of cryo therapy, localised and whole body

This seminar is aimed at anybody in the know about cryo therapy. How this technology is used across the globe by top athletes,celebrities and it''s amazing health benifits to the layman on the street. We can talk about recovery to the human body and the benefits cryo therapy can offer to help us in our day to day lives.

We will aim to educate the people who know about cryo therapy and introduce people who have never heard of cryo. We will offer a demo to the public at the time of the presentation.