Stephen Manuel

GB Powerlifting/Team Screamer Coaching

Stephen Manuel is one of the most successful British Powerlifters of all time. He has won multiple British Titles as a junior and senior 93 kg and 105 kg lifter. He has held numerous National Records across all 3 lifts but his biggest achievement to date was in September of 2016 when he broke the long-standing World Record Squat with 331 kg at 105 kg bodyweight and also the World Total Record of 861kg. The 331kg Squat is also a European Record which still stands to this day.

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There’s no point making a sh*tty movement pattern stronger

I am going to show you how to identify weaknesses in the movement patterns of the big 3 strength lifts; Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift) and then show the exercises I implement to correct the issues with a series of graceful demonstrations and light hearted banter. It’s a one man gym/comedy show