Robert Verkerk PhD

Alliance for Natural Health International,

Robert Verkerk PhD is an internationally acclaimed scientist with over 30 years experience in the health sciences with Masters and Doctorate degrees from Imperial College London.
As a multi-disciplinary scientist, his passion lies in maximising human potential in ways that are sustainable. He is the founder and scientific director of the Alliance for Natural Health International, a non-profit organisation engaged in research, education and campaigns in the field of natural health and human performance. Dr Verkerk is also an independent consultant to food and supplement manufacturers in the healthcare and sports nutrition fields and has worked alongside a range of athletes in diverse sports, from cycling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, hockey and rugby.

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Countering the adverse effects of training in endurance sports.

Having your immune system collapse a day before a major event is the nightmare of any endurance athlete. Intense training programmes and multi-day events take their toll on many parts the body. Immunity isn’t the only system that may suffer. Endurance athletes often also generate higher levels of oxidative stress and inflammation than we are adapted to handle creating an array of downstream effects that affect health, longevity and performance. Rob Verkerk PhD will take you on a fascinating journey through the maze of the latest science and practice - helping you to understand how modifications to your diet, eating patterns, endurance fuels, supplements and your training program itself can counter the negative effects of intensive training.