Rita Rozsas

Kinesiology For Sports

Rita is a pioneer of bringing kinesiology into professional sport worldwide. She is intent on disrupting the current status quo where most attention goes to the athletes’ physical body, leaving emotional and nutritional condition as secondary, not-as-important factor. She is keen to show the correlation between emotional state and performance, and is determined to introduce a more natural method to athletes.
Rita was born and raised in Hungary, where she did most of her kinesiology studies. She studied all five branches that was available, and became an instructor of two (Touch for Health and Stress Release). After establishing Kinesiology for Sports, Rita started to work with highly ambitious athletes – marathon runners, football players and handballers. 3 years ago she moved to the UK. Because of her successful work in Hungary, Rita was demanded back as well as working with athletes in the UK. This “dual life” continued until her baby was born. Rita used her maternity-leave to help other kinesiologists and was elected to become a board member of the Kinesiology Federation UK.
Her mission is to have at least one kinesiologist working in every professional team.

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How You Can Eliminate Emotional Stress Yourself in 5 Minutes (before a game)

Emotional stress plays an important role when it comes to professional sport. It influences behaviour, efficiency and overall accomplishment on and off pitch. Professional athletes report feeling anxious, panicky, low self-esteem (or false confidence) when it comes to performing under pressure. Emotional stress starts to get more recognition nowadays, but it is still at the starting line compared to manual work and therapies on the athlete’s physical body. In this seminar you’ll be introduced to an easy to follow, very effective routine that eliminates emotional stress immediately. You can do it yourself in 5 minutes as part of the game preparation, so you can enter the field feeling relaxed, focused and able to perform to the best of your ability. (This routine can be used by anyone, no need to be a professional athlete)