Professor Graeme Close

Liverpool John Moores University

Professor Graeme Close, ASCC, PhD, rSEN, fBASES, fECSS

A former professional Rugby League player, Graeme is now a Professor of Human Physiology at Liverpool John Moores University where he is the programme leader for the MSc in Sport Nutrition. Graeme has published over 100 papers and review articles and spoken at over 50 conferences across the globe. Graeme is the only person in the world accredited with the UKSCA, BASES and SENr. From an applied perspective, Graeme is the expert nutrition consultant to England Rugby, the Head of Performance Nutrition at Everton Football Club, nutrition consultant to West Bromwich Albion, Head of performance nutrition for The European Tour Golf Performance Institute and provides nutrition support to Johanna Konta. Graeme (regularly appears on TV and radio discussing various aspects of nutrition in relation to health and sporting performance.

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Are carbohydrates still king for exercise performance in 2018?

Although carbohydrate has consistently been shown to improve performance, (especially in high-intensity sports), recently the importance of carbohydrate in sport has been questioned with many now promoting a low carbohydrate high fat approach. This presentation will look at carbohydrate research from the past and present and attempt to clear up some of the confusion. Research from the speakers own laboratory will be presented as well as the practical advice Graeme delivers to the elite athletes he works with.