Phil Lees

Kinetic Athlete Management

Phil is a technology evangelist with over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. Having begun his career in the RAF, Phil was appointed Chief Technical Architect at NextiraOne in 1998.

In 2012, he co-founded WhiteSpider, an advanced IT services company which pioneers a technically-led, consultative approach. Phil specialises in helping global enterprises use emerging and disruptive technologies to dramatically simplify their IT systems.

An avid Rugby League fan, Phil began working closely with his boyhood club Wakefield Trinity in 2016. Coaches at Wakefield were using different applications and paper-based systems to manage their squads. Phil quickly realised that there was nothing on the market that could make their processes more efficient in the ways they wanted; no existing product could integrate all aspects of athlete management into a single solution.

As a result, Phil oversaw the development of the Kinetic athlete management system. Kinetic greatly simplifies athlete management processes including health and well-being, communication and video analysis. It has transformed the operations of a number professional clubs, helping them to save money, enhance collaboration and improve performance.

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Stories from the field: the benefits of unified athlete management

In professional sport, the difference between victory and defeat is tiny. Titles are decided by tenths of a second; the bounce of a ball can make or break a career. In a world of such narrow margins, backroom staff must work as efficiently as possible; professional coaches require a state-of-the-art athlete management system.

In this seminar, Phil will describe how Kinetic – a digital platform which integrates all aspects of athlete management into one application – can benefit your club. Looking in particular at our work with Wakefield Trinity, Phil will demonstrate how Kinetic can streamline all areas of athlete management including communication, collaboration and video analysis. Phil will also discuss how the standardised reporting of data can make your processes more efficient and how Kinetic can help you prepare for the advent of GDPR.