Mohannad Al Naser

Spine Back Rack Ltd

Mohannad Al Naser is an experienced Specialist in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.
Mohannad has developed a special interest in treatment of rehabilitation, spinal conditions, and musculoskeletal problems in general.
He has been treating a wide range of neurological patients in Europe and Middle East, including cases of CP, back pain, cervical pain, stroke conditions, post-surgery patients and others.
Currently, he is involved in a novel system, the Spinal Backrack, developed exclusively for spinal joint decompression for back pain sufferers, which treats causes of the problem rather than just the symptoms. Additionally, the Backrack product system is unique in prevention of back problems in general and can be used without any side effects in a patient’s home environment.
He is a member of the charted physiotherapy society in UK, registered physiotherapist in HCPC, and a member of Jordanian Society of Physiotherapy.

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Spinal Decompression using the Spinal Backrack System

All back pain is caused by bone deformity, nerve and disc pathology directly linked to compression. Backrack works directly on the cause of backpain, decompressing the spine, hence treating the causes rather than symptoms of pain, developed exclusively for spinal joint decompression for back pain sufferers by B.M Luklinski and his 45 yrs clinical experience in non-invasive Orthopaedic medicine working with patients. It is based on a unique concept and application in back pain treatment and prevention.It is effective and safe to use.