Martin Gossling

270 Vision ltd

Martin initially trained as a product designer, gaining a 1 st in Electronic Product Design and has over 35 years of international technology sales and marketing experience covering wireless and software technology and gaming industries. Ex Motorola and having spent extensive time with software organisations developing new markets for multimedia software, operating systems, Martin has been instrumental in the development of a number of International Patents in the wearable sector. Co-founder of 270 Vision Ltd, now an Associate Company of B.Braun Medical, Martin is the core product designer of 270 Vision and a Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

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Wearable technology and challenges of bridging medical, sports and workwear sectors.

Wearable technology now covers a wide range of devices and solutions but there are still a number of key product barriers that effect all devices, across all sectors. Though experience of applying custom made wearables into the sports sector, medical grade devices for remote monitoring in orthopaedics and now developing mass market solutions for workwear monitoring, the speaker will highlight the key product barriers to delivering cost effective wearables today, rather than in the future and some of the solutions.