Marc Keys

Cast Iron Strength

Marc’s mission - make the world a stronger place.

Marc is a S&C coach with over 10 years of experience working in elite sport. Marc has coached Olympic and Commonwealth medallists from 3 different sports and worked with Scotland’s senior national Hockey, Basketball, Rugby and Cricket teams.

For the last 4 years Marc has been working as a S&C coach with Edinburgh Rugby. During this time Edinburgh won the 1872 cup twice and made the European Challenge cup final. Marc’s main role with Edinburgh was to lead the design and delivery of the strength and power programme with the Senior squad, he was also the Lead S&C coach with the Long termed injured players.

As an athlete Marc has been competing in drug free powerlifting for a decade during this time he has been Commonwealth and British Champion in the 105kg weight class with life time best lifts of 290kg squat, 222kg bench press and 310kg deadlift. Marc’s real passion is strength sports. He is the head coach of Edinburgh Barbell (Edinburgh’s biggest strength sports club) and has coached numerous Scottish and British record holders and champions.

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STRESS IS STRESS - Stop Compartmentalising your thinking about training.

We tend to think of someone performing a rotator cuff exercise using a 500g weight to be rehabilitation and someone benching 200kg as being maximal strength training yet both of these are the exact same thing: resistance training.

During this talk I will discuss how smart people make really stupid training decisions by trying to be over complicated or thinking in ways that lead to convoluted training programmes and objectives.

The goal of training is to take a biological system from one state to another by the systematic and strategic application of stress. The only way to deliver a “holistic” training programme is to understand what these stresses are, how they interact with each other and how they should or not be applied.

It is essential to have an in-depth and pragmatic knowledge of theory and practice to allow you to cut the crap and get to the heart of the problem.