Klinckaert Jeroen

Intelligent Motion

My mission is to inspire other people to move in a healthy way, to become more vital and to live more free. After my Master in Physical Education, I went to work in a gym. I got in touch with Functional anatomy and the biomechanical applications. Based on my experience with coaching I’ve developed the concept of Remotion Therapy. Regardless of whether you want to make a certain part of your body stronger for performance or want to become fitter from a health perspective, it all starts with the following question: “Is your body able to move?”. Muscles, tendons, connective tissue constantly work together
and I want to take into account every situation in order to achieve optimal mobility. Hence, today, in my own practice, I am not just focusing on (semi-) professional athletes today but for anyone who wants to learn to use his natural ‘moving’ potential again. The coaching also got a spin-off for the accompaniment of young tennis talent at Tennis Flanders.

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Remotion Therapy, from motion to movement & performance.

The latest research on myo-fascia, biomechanics and their impact on the neural patterning. What’s the implication of the neural fascial matrix and the role of the fascial sensory organ within movement and the effect on performance?
Next to the neural patterning, the combination of the myofascial web with the neuro-musculo-skeletal system will allow us to see the benefits of Biotensigrity and how we can have an impact on this system with movement & performance.