Ian Wynne


Ian’s career in elite sport spans more than 20 years. As an athlete, he has won Olympic, European and World cup medals. As a coach, Ian has worked across the whole pathway from Junior developmental athletes to elite senior internationals. Working as the Lead Olympic Development coach at British Canoeing, Ian helped shape the future of the next generation of Olympic athletes focusing on Tokyo 2020.

Ian is passionate about sharing his knowledge and applied coaching practice, focusing on the whole person, integrating the body and mind into one dynamic system.

Applying this unique perspective, Ian was able to turn severe adversity into a challenge. He overcame a significant injury just hours before his Olympic final in Athens 2004 and still delivered a world-class performance finishing with a Bronze medal only 0.5 seconds away from Gold.

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Connect with your Vagus nerve - discover your potential

Measurement of the parasympathetic nervous system can close the loop between training stimulus and individualised response to the training load.

The audience will learn how measuring the parasympathetic nervous system via vagal tone provides the most accurate, objective measure of training load response, incorporating the effects of all daily activities upon your training stimulus and the human body. This provides invaluable information for coaches and trainers to optimise their session content and programming, enhancing the impact on their athletes.

Tapping directly into vagal tone activity ‘live’ it is possible to show the neuroceptive response to the subject’s environment, highlighting the crucial balance between recovery and stress.

Ian will talk about how Probiometrics’ innovative wearable technology can be deployed to maximise human performance overcoming the limitations of HRV based systems when monitoring the nervous system.