Graham Dawson

H.M Prison/Graham Dawson Physiotherapy

Graham Dawson is a physiotherapist who has significant experience in occupational health and the care of musculoskeletal conditions in both industry and the private sector. Through working in these areas, has developed a reputation for producing positive outcomes for patients that are both effective, efficient and cost effective for the customer. He likes new challenges and developing innovative strategies to deal with the complex needs of either a business or a patient. Whilst having extensive experience in Occupational Health and Offender Health Management, he has developed a special interest in treating shoulder and spinal conditions, as well as the use of acupuncture in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. He is currently conducting research into the effects of dry needling techniques in facilitating increases in muscle strength.

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Physiotherapy in Prison: Making a difference to the client and customer

Offender health management offers businesses a unique avenue to explore which may previously have been overlooked. The seminar will offer an insight in to working within this environment. It will discuss the benefits of offering a physiotherapy service not only to the client base, but also the customer, giving ideas for justification when approaching these establishments with business proposals.