Eddie Hall

Muhdo Health Ltd

Eddie Hall was born in Newcastle-under- Lyme and currently, holds the title as the 2017 World’s Strongest Man. Eddie is a force of nature in all senses of the meaning. As the world’s strongest man Eddie continues to confound the world on what the human body can achieve in terms of strength and power. However, this kind of commitment punishes the body. Muhdo began working with Eddie and quickly established that he’d benefit from helping his body recover more efficiently post workout. After all the more efficiently the body recovers the more effectively it builds strength and power. Muhdo also worked with Eddie to help reduce inflammation + ATP and strengthen bone density, critical to reducing the risk of injury.

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Eddie Hall – What my Muhdo DNA profile showed me.

Q&A with Eddie Hall, World’s Strongest Man and what his DNA profile told him about his genetic gifts and his genetic barriers and how that relates to improving sporting performance, reducing risk of injury, improving recovery and rehabilitation and matching macro/micro nutrition to genetics. In a world of marginal gains Eddie talks about why DNA profiling can help any athlete improve their performance and reduce risk of injury.