Jeremy Holt

Centre for Team Excellence

Jeremy Holt is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and founder of the Centre for Team Excellence in 1999. He has worked extensively developing teams and leaders in business, the military and sport. For ten years, he has run the High Performance Teams training for senior Army, Navy and RAF officers at the UK Defence Academy. Recently he has been working with the Royal Marines and last season with Warwickshire CCC.

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The New Psychology of High Performing Sports Teams

Why does a manager lose a dressing room? Why does a team perform like world beaters one day and relegation strugglers the next? How can a collection of individuals perform to a level far greater than the sum of their parts?

Answers to these questions are often shrouded in mystery or based on opinion and anecdotal evidence. Yet, the psychological processes that lie behind what is really going on in a team isn’t something mysterious; it can be understood from the extensive body of research found in the group psychology scientific literature. In collaboration with the Centre for Team Excellence and Sussex University, I headed a research group that spent three years extending this research and applying it to sports teams. This culminated in a breakthrough in our understanding of the psychological ingredients that differentiate high and low performing teams.