Dr. Mikel H-G Hoff

Amino HealthCare ApS

Mikel H-G Hoff has completed his PhD 25 years ago from LMU Faculty of Medicine in Munich in International Medical Biochemistry carried out on diverse range of universities though out EU. He has worked with German and Italian tennis professionals on the ATP tour as Manuel therapist, Coach, and mental trainer. He also had tennis schools in Spain and Portugal.
Educated Sports Performance Psychologist, Manuel Therapists with speciality in nervous system and the body‘s biochemistry reaction.
He has treated and is currently working with a lot of international sports stars and athletes.
For the last 4,5 years he has worked intensively with Performance, Injuries and chronic pain: This can now be optimized/healed/stopped by directing the body''s focus, strengthening frequencies and thereby increase the healing process.
Mikel H-G Hoff is the founder and inventor of Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy and developer of sportsFREQ under Amino HealthCare ApS in Denmark.

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‘HACK’ your Performance level – increase production of Nitric Oxide on a cellular level!
Every athlete wants to be able to achieve their best, and with Neuro Frequencies, you can.
Increased production of Nitric Oxide stimulates the production of red blood limbs and in this way ensures a biochemical reaction that produces an EPO effect and the more red blood limbs you have, the more muscles can work longer and harder and recover faster, thereby also reducing and preventing injury whilst strengthening health, producing faster results and bettering endurance stats.
To reach their peak, the key for an athlete unlocking their body is found through manipulating natural frequencies within their own body. This optimal bodily function is then manifested threefold: resisting inflammation, stabilization, and balancing the body at the cellular level.
With the use of small Neuro Frequency Discs that sends and reflects frequencies directly to our cells and nervous system
You can stay CLEAN & improve PERFORMANCE