Dr Edward Rethinasamy M.B. BCh. B.A.O. D.A. FFARCSI

Biosportsfit Ltd

Doctor of Medicine specialising in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care and practising in the UK. Researched into Functional Muscle Profiling through a Post-Exercise Blood Test Analysis. CEO of Biosportsfit Ltd providing this Blood Test Analysis and Reports which helps everyone from Elite Sports Professionals To Amateur Athletes, Individuals seeking an Improved Physique and Individuals seeking to lose weight. Presently studying for a Diploma In Sports and Exercise Medicine.

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Train Muscle and Mind for Peak Performance whilst Reducing Injury

Introductory background of Conscious and Subconscious Brain control on the muscular function of skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle groups. Development of skeletal muscle groups to increase and improve performance through Specific Skeletal Muscle Fibre Type Training (Type 1, Type 2a and Type 2x).
Using this training to manipulatively control the Subconscious Brain to develop Cardiac Muscle for the purpose of improved delivery of oxygen and nutrients together with the removal of carbon dioxide and lactic acid from the exercising skeletal muscle groups. This will help raise your Anaerobic Threshold.
Reduction of Musculoskeletal Injury through the development of Type 1 muscle fibre training.
Increased Musculoskeletal development has to be supported by appropriate nutrition.
Life-long events that can positively or negatively influence peak performance are identified. Mind training can then be instituted to enhance the positive effects and eliminate the negative effects of these life-long events on improving peak performance. Other psychotherapeutic modulation training can further enhance a higher level of peak sporting performance. The individual takes charge and control of their Muscle and Mind.