Costas Karageorghis

Human Kinetics

Dr Costas Karageorghis is a Reader in Sport Psychology in the Department of Life Sciences at Brunel University London, UK. He has worked with many national governing bodies of sport as a consultant psychologist, as well as with a number of multinational companies that include Nike, Red Bull, Sony, Spotify, Speedo, Deezer, and the International Management Group (IMG).

He is best known for his scientific research and applied work in the area of music-related interventions in sport and exercise for which he has won several national awards. Costas’s scientific output includes 75 peer-reviewed journal articles, ten book chapters, 100 professional publications and two textbooks including, most recently, Applying Music in Exercise and Sport (Human Kinetics, 2017). The music textbook is accompanied by a continuing education course that is used in the training of exercise and sport professionals.

His research has been featured numerous times on TV and radio all over the world, and his books have been translated into three languages. Connect with his research group on Twitter: @SAVIBrunel

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Realising the Power of Music-Related Interventions in Elite Sport

In this presentation, Dr Karageorghis will explore the structured and systematic use of music with athletes in team and individual sports. Key concepts and underlying scientific principles will be covered with reference to a new theoretical model (Karageorghis, 2016).

The model will also be used to underpin examples of music-related applications that will be fully illustrated. Aspects that will be covered include psyching-up/down with music, the benefits of auditory-motor synchronisation (i.e., synching to the beat) and using evocative music to conjure task-related imagery. Music applications pertaining to the pre-competition, in-training and post-training/competition phases will be touched on. It is envisaged that the presentation will be of particular interest to coaches, athletes, pedagogues and those who use music in their training or exercise regimens.

The content will be predicated on the presenter’s new book Applying Music in Exercise and Sport (Human Kinetics, 2017) and a brief book signing will immediately follow the presentation.