Antonio Robustelli

PainPod BioTechnology

Antonio Robustelli, BSc CSCS RTS CSAC

Antonio is a widely sought after International Sports Performance Consultant & Applied Sports Technologist. He works around the world with Olympic athletes and professional sports teams in Europe Asia and USA . He is a prominent Speaker and contributor to international sports magazines including Athletics Weekly.

His area of expertise includes injury prevention, sports technology, strength training programming, speed development and recovery monitoring. He works with advanced technologies in the field of performance monitoring, injury prevention and improved performance including Infrared thermography, foot pressure mapping, myotonometry, and tensiomyography.

A regular speaker and lecturer at International Sports Science conferences he is currently writing "Sports Biometry: application of technology for Sports Science”

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The rise of the machines. Touching the Nerve

Ever sInce ancient Greeks used electric fish to treat pain, devices harnessing electrical impulses have been used to improve health and save lives and, as the body of evidence grows, athletes are increasingly embracing electrical power to treat injury, improve recovery and increase strength. In 2013, when GlaxoSmithKline announced it was developing miniaturised electronic devices for peripheral nerve stimulation, it marked a the ascent of electrotherapy from the margins to the mainstream.

Now, with an ongoing influx of funding from several large organizations, biomedical engineers are generating the tools and maps they need to build better, more targeted neurostimulation devices. Dubbed ''electroceuticals'' these devices are being developed to target conditions underserved or untouched by drugs, and, unlike past electrical therapies design of these neuro-modulation devices is guided by the detailed knowledge of neurophysiology and molecular mechanisms. .

In the second of PainPod Technology’s series looking a the future of electriical power in human performance , Applied Sports Technologist Antonio touches the raw nerve about clean performance enhancement and looks at how biotechnology and an increasing understanding of electrical stimulation therapies for the peripheral nervous system is changing the face of Elite athletic performance.