Antonio Robustelli


Antonio Robustelli is a professional sports performance consultant and elite coach from Italy: his area of expertise includes injury prevention, sports technology, strength training programming, speed development and recovery monitoring. He works worldwide since 16 years with semi-professionals, professionals and Olympic athletes as well as professional teams in various disciplines (football, athletics, basketball, rugby, cycling, weightlifting, volleyball, swimming, martial arts, waterpolo, tennis, archery etc.). Regularly invited as a Keynote Speaker to hold lectures during international conferences in Sports Science and Strength & Conditioning, he is a Guest Lecturer in Performance Science at Setanta College in Ireland as well as Invited Lecturer at Alexandria University in Egypt. He is currently writing his first book entitled "Applied Sports Technology: The Science of Testing, Monitoring, Training and Recovery".

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Advances in wearable EMG technology and application in elite sport

The seminar will be focused on the recent advances in EMG wearable technology for sports applications. We will go through some basics of EMG theory with a special focus on how EMG application can be implemented in both individual and team sports.