Anna-Marie Watson

Ultra Marathon Champion & Performance Coach

Anna-Marie is a certified performance coach with over 17 years’ experience working with high performing individuals and teams across five continents. A former British Army Officer, Anna-Marie has served in challenging environments from the snowy windswept Norwegian Arctic tundra to the sandy deserts of Central Asia, deploying on three operational tours.

She has a serious passion for the outdoors and after observing transformational changes in people whilst leading trekking expeditions to remote locations, she now supports her clients achieve sustainable healthy performance using the outdoor space to facilitate “Walking & Talking” coaching conversations. She is an accredited Analytic-Network and mBraining coach and certified in eDISC and iWAM psychometric profile tools. Anna-Marie is a co-leader for the International Coach Federation Executive and Leadership Community of Practice.

Anna-Marie’s favourite pastime, alongside performance coaching, is ultra-running where she regularly achieves podium finishes in the Ultra Trail World Tour series; most notably 7th lady (and top 100) in the Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc in 2017, 1st lady (5th overall) in Cappadocia Ultra in 2016 and 2nd lady (and top 50) in the Marathon des Sables described as “more hellish than hell” by Sir Ranulph Fiennes who also completed the event in 2015.

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Finding Your Flow

What is flow?

Imagine you’re running a race. Your attention is highly focused on your physical movements, the power of your muscles, each intake of air into your lungs, and the feel of the trail beneath your feet. You’re utterly absorbed and focused in the present; that perfect moment. Time seems to fall away.

‘Flow’ is the synchronisation of energy on a mental, emotional, physical and energetic level. During this state of complete immersion in an activity the mind and body work harmoniously and is associated to peak performance.

Join this session to uncover the roots of flow from positive psychology research, recognise flow characteristics, discover the skills-challenge “sweet-spot”, explore how to access flow fundamentals, unlock your flow state and optimise performance.