Andy Barker

Andy Barker Consultancy Ltd

Andy is a Chartered Physiotherapist and biomechanist and is the current Head Physiotherapist for the Leeds Rhinos having been involved with the club for the past eight seasons. During this time the club have enjoyed unrivaled success winning three Grand Finals, two Challenge Cups and a World Club Challenge, including the domestic treble winning season in 2015.

Andy graduated in Physiotherapy from the University of Bradford with a first class honours degree which followed on from a previous Bachelor of Science degree from Leeds Metropolitan University in Sports Performance Coaching. He recently graduated with an MSc in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics from Leeds Beckett University.

Alongside professional rugby Andy has also worked with world class athletes from a variety of sports including professional basketball, boxing, powerlifting, football and golf.

Andy is the creator and author of Rehab Room ( This is an online resource for aimed at those working in professional sport and others with an interest in sports rehabilitation and training.

Andy is also a director at Perform Ready Clinic, a physiotherapy and exercise medicine clinic in Leeds.

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