Eddie Hall: DNA Testing to Improve Performance and Prevent Injury

Eddie Hall has recently started working with Muhdo Genetics, an expert DNA testing service that identifies biological factors that may impact the performance or recovery of an athlete.

Muhdo found that Eddie showed a vitamin D deficiency. As vitamin D plays a huge role in repairing damaged muscle after training, this was worrying news for Eddie. After seeing the report, he said “Being aware of this has been brilliant for ne as I now know I need to supplement my vitamin D.”

The DNA test also showed a deficiency that hindered Eddie’s ability to absorb and use folate (also known as vitamin b9). This vitamin is necessary for forming proteins, a healthy immune system, delaying the aging process, and the production of red blood cells. For Eddie’s body to perform in the way it does, effective transportation of oxygen around the body is crucial, and reliant on the production of red blood cells.

Eddie called his work with Muhdo ‘eye opening’ and cited the importance of elite level athletes ‘examining every last inch of themselves.’

You can check out Muhdo’s DNA testing systems on their website. The systems provide a full picture of how you can exploit you genetic gifts, and remedy any deficiencies. 



Image Source: Muhdo