VALD Performance Compiles Hamstring Research Review

VALD performance are a leading supplier to the elite sports sector. Their testing systems provide unparalleled insights in to human movement, performance and injury risk. They have put together a review of hamstring injury research and the best training practices.

Among the studies included in the review is a paper by Bourne et al (2017) Used EMG to measure the activity hamstring activation during different common activities. They found that 45° hip extension exercises selectively activated the long hamstrings and showed the highest ratio of lateral hamstrings(LH) vs medial hamstrings (MH) activation. Nordic Hamstring Exercise indicated the highest absolute activation of the long hamstrings and had the lowest LH:MH ration.

The review also made claim that players who were exposed to large and rapid increases in high speed running distances were more likely to experience hamstring strain injury (Duhig et al, 2017) and Dyk et al (2017) found a correlation in professional soccer players, whereby players who became injured during the season scored lower in two particular tests of strengths than players who did not become injured. This could have implications for injury prevention training in pre-season training in soccer.

The rest of the review can be found on the Val Performance research page of their website, which has their full range of testing and analysis products.



Image Source: Pixabay