Could a Natural Chinese Remedy be the Key to Improving Sports Performance?

Tribulus terrestris (TT) extracts have typically been associated with increased muscle mass and boosting testosterone levels. However, a new study by Ma, Guo, and Wang (2017) found that taking 1250mg capsules containing TT extracts made no significant change to muscle mass or plasma levels of testosterone in male boxers.

However, tests carried out on 15 male boxers, where they undertook 3 weeks of high volume and 3 weeks of high intensity training, with a 4-week rest in between. Half of the boxers orally consumed a 1250mg capsule containing TT extracts throughout the training, and half did not.

Muscle mass, anaerobic performance, and blood indications were measures before and after the 10 weeks of training, as indicators of performance. They found no significant difference in changes in muscle mass or plasma levels of testosterone, DHT and IGF-1. However, the TT extract group demonstrated significantly alleviated muscle damage and promoted anaerobic performance.



Image Source: Pixabay