Sweat Monitoring Sports Wear to Improve Performance

Why Sweat Test?
The human body is composed of around 70% water. During physical exercise sweat is generated helping to regulate body temperature. Anybody having regular physical activity should replace their body fluid that is excreted during the activity to avoid dehydration. The body fluid lost contains a certain quantity of electrolytes; to avoid reduction of performance it is critical to maintain a good electrolyte balance. The sweat rate and loss of electrolytes can vary from athlete to athlete and can fluctuate with the environmental conditions (temperature & humidity).

HORIBA’s SportLyte sweat test is a simple and effective way to understand an athlete’s hydration status and optimise their electrolyte supplementation.
Any nutritionist or athlete should also understand the loss of vital electrolyte, the most important being sodium. A high salt loss increases the likelihood of muscle cramps and hyponatraemia, resulting in a decreased performance. The goal of optimised hydration during exercise is to minimise these side effects. It is recommended to perform sweat tests to achieve full fluid balance restoration and maximise performance and recovery.

HORIBA’s SportLyte software calculates the quantity of electrolytes lost during the training. This calculation is based on weight loss and electrolytes concentration in sweat which is specific to each individual.
User friendly software will automatically calculate the following:

Sweat rate per hour (litre per hour)
Total volume of fluid lost (litre)
Average concentration in sodium (mg/L)
Average concentration in potassium (mg/L)
Sodium loss rate per hour (mg/h)
Sodium loss rate per hour (mg/h)
Quantity of sodium & potassium lost during the training (mg)
The data inputted is recorded so it can be viewed at a later date or to track progress of each person tested, the data can also be displayed graphically.




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