How SportMind helped the COACH and AGENT to develop a professional basketball PLAYER

A high potential basketball player from the Middle of Europe has been playing for 2 years for one of the biggest university in USA. This was a huge opportunity for him, however the amount of time he was able to show his unique skills was very limited. It became do or die!

On one hand he was powered by a huge motivation to excel and on the other he was under great personal pressure, being in a foreign country with a different culture, excellent teammates and language barriers. These all meant he experienced difficulties he needed to overcome.

Furthermore, the mentality of American and European players is extremely different and diverse. While in America self-confidence is a natural part of a successful player, the European athlete´s “psyche” was entirely different. This became a real challenge for the Coach on how to motivate and develop the player and how to integrate him into the team?

To find the answers, the coach, the agent and the player used SportMind.
Beyond the difficulties that caused the player to feel pressured, they also diagnosed that the player needed to share his result with others as he has a heightened need for participation.

So, the coach changed his leadership style according to the results of the diagnosis.  A few changes meant a big difference in the player´s performance, through understanding the player's real needs. The Coach could help him maintain his position on the team through further integration and personal motivation techniques, which proved to be highly effective.

And the player?

This has given him a huge breakthrough in his career. Improvements in his performance were immediately visible in his personal results and that of the team. He is now an established team member of one of the biggest American universities. He achieved the accolade of MVP (Most Valuable Player) on many occasions and has a great potential to progress to the next stage in his career.

And what did the Agent say? “I’m happy that this player I represent is now showing a calmer mindset. He can now properly focus on his training and the match, supporting his potential and actual career development. This ultimately raises his value as a player.” Phillip Parun, Agent





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