Space age treatment on a cellular level

For many years, a lot of people have had to battle with issues related to the nervous system. Even with the advanced level of medical expertise today, many individuals out there are still in the hospitals because of such problems. According to an article by John Hopkins Medicine Health Library, our nervous system is vulnerable to about seven different disorders. The notable ones are infections, structural defects, and autoimmune diseases. That’s not all.

Another issue peculiar with the nervous system is poor/damaged nerve frequencies. Findings from various research show that poor/damaged nerve frequencies are a leading cause of inflammation and impaired functions of the nervous system. Several solutions have been developed within the last decade to mitigate the effects of these disorders. Even though a vast majority of these treatments are efficacious at best, they have a few drawbacks at worst. For instance, laser therapy, which was developed to support and repair cell filing has some disadvantages. One is the lack of sustainability when the laser is removed from the skin. Another one is that it is complex and time-consuming for both the patient and the therapist. But here is the good news. We’ve found a better therapeutic solution: Amino Neuro Frequency Discs.

What is ANF - Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy?
Are you just hearing this therapy for the first time? If so, Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy is the brainchild of Dr. Mikel H.G Hoff, an internationally renowned therapist. He developed this therapy in order to address some of the seemingly insurmountable problems of the nervous system.  The ANF Therapy consists of thin circular Discs which are applied directly on the skin. During this therapy, neuro frequencies are transmitted through the neurons in the body. These frequencies are in turn picked up by the nervous system to start an efficient self-healing and self-regulating process. With Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy, Dr. Hoff hopes to help therapists increase their clients’ life quality within the first week of consultation.

How Does the Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy Work?
Here is how it works. ANF Discs contain a unique material discovered by NASA two decades ago. The material is a carbonized metal with 28.4% pure metal. Attaches to the skin using a double sided 3M tape.

The therapy functions through nervous system signalization and control of frequencies. As you may know, the human body contains between 5-15 million different chemical and electrical signals in the nerve pathways. These are occasionally activated by the bodies' infrared heat. A breach in frequencies weakens the body immune system, thus refocusing the priorities of the nervous system and the body's defense system and resources. Through nervous system signalization, ANF Therapy helps the brain to correct errors by returning the “correction signals” to both the brain and other body parts. The therapy consequently controls the frequencies and make the body function properly.

Why Use Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy?
The benefits of ANF Therapy are numerous. Because of this, we advise therapists to take advantage of this innovation. Here are some reasons why you should use this therapy:

  • Therapists/MDs and clients notice improvements instantly

  • Removes invisible inflammation, toxins, and free radicals

  • Reduce pain to at least 50% in 15 minutes

  • Increase performance endurance and muscle movement

  • Repair broken frequencies (the only known treatment for such)

  • Increases the body’s self-healing ability

  • Strengthens the organ and gland functions

  • Free of chemical and organic substances and makes use of only 72 Hours treatment in each patch.

  • The therapy makes use of certified products

  • It is a Medical Class 1 product, CE and FDA registered.

  • It is non-organic, non-chemical, and anti-bacterial.

  • It can be used on babies and elderly and everyone between.

As for athletes, using ANF Therapy helps to reduce injuries, pain, pulse, lactic acid accumulation, stomach problems, stress, and cramps. Apart from these benefits, users of Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy can enjoy efficient muscle building, 80% faster immune system regeneration, quality sleep, and improved red blood cells productions.




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Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy has come to stay as the most effective non-chemical therapy in the world. This therapy has received 100% positive testimonials ever since its invention. And it has been recommended by the 2014 FIFA World Cup winner, the Germany National team and Gymnastics' world champion, Marijo Moznik (who is also a Red Bull athlete). Other notable mentions are Terrai Trent (famous author and speaker), Dr. L. Jon Porman (Sportsdocz, Arizona-based therapist) and founder dr. Perry Knickelston has joined our Worldwide Instructor team. To learn more about this therapy, you can watch our numerous testimonials on ANF - YouTube.