Fifty percent of injuries sustained by younger athletes playing organized sports can be avoided if the athlete was properly conditioned to play their game. As competitive levels increase in younger age groups it is the responsibility of parents and coaches to be knowledgeable in proper conditioning programs and to know when to rest athletes to prevent unnecessary and avoidable injuries.

Coaches, athletes, and parents must remember that being physically fit for one sport or position does not necessarily mean an athlete is adequately prepared for another. 

Ideally, male and female high school athletes should participate in a year round conditioning program that varies in frequency and intensity. Today's high school athletes are, on average, less active outside of their sport's regular season and are less prepared for vigorous participation in their sport.

Proper preseason conditioning should focus on two general components. The first consists of enhancing strength, flexibility, and endurance, and the second is to improve natural sport specific movements and agility. Preseason exercising should begin with more emphasis on stretching while the athlete attempts to get into playing condition. This will help improve flexibility and decrease the risk of injury including sprains/strains, and tendonitis.

Axis 360 Functional Rehabilitation Rehab training designed for training the body in all axes and their ranges of natural movement.

For people who require muscle work compensation. Axis 360 Functional Rehabilitation Rehab training is an innovative and effective solution to meet the needs of functional training centers. Axis 360 Functional Rehabilitation Rehab  and Train biomechanically to strengthen and improve a specific sporting gesture.

It's the cornerstone on which converge the benefits of implementing programs of functional training with full security to implement a type of training that emphasizes the body's natural ability to move in all six degrees of freedom flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, rotation and turning.

Axis 360 Functional Rehabilitation Rehab training meets the natural needs that people have to push, pull and lift objects in everyday life and sports, a basic and simple. Infinite versatility, improving speed, strength and endurance.

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