Live motion capture analysis at the show

Qualisys will be demonstrating live Running Analysis with 3D motion capture technology on their stand at the event itself this June. A full body running analysis concept - giving a highly scientific and professional analysis presented in an easy way.

"Optimizing running technique and reducing the risk of injury."

Qualisys provide a complete 360° full-body 3D analysis of a runner`s technique. Thanks to their highly sensitive motion capture system they assess all details of the run, from feet to head. Every movement is recorded and made available for the runner to view together with all types of data.

If you want to get the full story of what Qualisys can provide, they are more than happy to talk about how their cameras have sub millimeter accuracy and make them a world leader within this field. Or how numerous national teams and Olympic committees consider them to be number one within biomechanics and a key for athletes to become faster, stronger and less prone to injuries.

Qualisys say - "The basic idea is to help the body act as it is intended to. This reduces the risk of injury and helps runners improve their results with less effort. And to really deliver on our promise, we don`t just record what is going on - our main delivery is the way forward, the advice and training programs that help runners improve their technique today and tomorrow."


You can view Qualisys exhibitor page here...