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Just a quick post to let you know that the main feature of issue 92 (April 2016) is: The rise of Hydrotherapy in UK football

Continuing our look at injury prevention and rehabilitation we will look at the use of hydrotherapy in football. Football clubs are striving to find ways of preventing or reducing the impact of injuries on their playing squad. The use of hydrotherapy is long established as a means of treatment but how does it work and what options are available to football clubs? From underwater treadmills and contrast bathing pools to moveable depth pools, we will look at the pros and cons of hydrotherapy and provide a showcase for companies in this field. 

Hydrotherapy benefits can include:
1. Pain relief
2. Improve circulation
3. Improved healing and recovery rates
4. Help relaxing tired & tight muscles
5. Increased muscle strength & endurance due to water resistance
6. Reduced inflammation

This is also a topic we have touched on in less depth previously and can be found here...

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