2 Years ago we set out on a mission to create a multi-functional training system that was accessible by everyone. We had a vision of a machine that offered the benefits of functional training to anyone regardless of their experience level. This is when the concept of the Limitless Free Trainer (LFT) was born.


The LFT’s main feature is it’s two loading arms - utilised for the majority of its exercises. They are made from machined stainless steel, extremely durable and able to withstand massive amounts of pressure. These are mounted to the frame with a bearing system that allows a fluidity of movement which replicates that of a kettlebell or barbell depending on the exercise. The loading arms are rested on a 3 tiered impact structure, these are locked into position for the desired exercise.

Picking up the arms for the first time you will notice the handles move ergonomically to alleviate stress in the wrists during exercise. Every exercise can be performed with or without additional weight plates. To increase it’s versatility further the LFT has been designed to incorporate battle ropes, resistance bands, stability balls and suspension training rigs. The LFT appeals to the athlete and the average trainer. It’s been designed to be universally accessible, including persons with a physical disability. Furthermore, it’s unique in its capacity to adapt to its user and its environment. Whether it be for a fighter, bodybuilder or use in a functional circuit/WOD.


Receiving the IFI accreditation by the English Federation of Disability Sport has been the pinnacle of this machines achievements so far. The LFT is the only plate loaded machine ever to achieve this so naturally we were blown away when we found out. We are now pushing to get the LFT into the facilities where users will benefit from the accessibility of such a versatile machine.


Limitless Gym Equipment

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