Embracing technology to maximise performance

We’ve all heard of the five p’s, ‘Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance’ and that philosophy is something that is imperative when it comes to assembling a world-class gym or fitness facility. In the sporting world, it’s generally accepted that at an elite level the extra percentiles in performance that can be found will be the difference between a champion and an also ran. Quite rightly therefore, a huge emphasis is placed on discovering any areas for improvement that can help develop an athlete and set them apart from the competition.

However, we’ve noticed that this theory of finding creative ways to achieve the absolute maximum isn’t universally applied across all levels of the elite sport and fitness industry. For example, many athletes and sportspeople will train with equipment that won’t unlock every last bit of their potential. For us, that’s a huge disappointment as we feel that there are so many people who train hard but aren’t seeing all the benefits in their performance or results.

One of the most interesting aspects we’ve found in our work to help us develop our products is that it’s so important to embrace technology. The sports and fitness industry has been at the forefront of innovation, and that includes the revolutionary Canali System, but there’s still so much work to be done to ensure elite athletes are gaining the maximum benefit for their efforts.

For example, we’ve found that linking technology to academic research can really help improve the effectiveness of our products and training methods. Theoretical analysis of sport and fitness can sometimes be underappreciated, but by embracing the meticulous nature of research and applying technological innovations we’ve found that our products are having a real positive impact on the performance of those who use them.

So, to go back to the star of this blog. We mentioned the five p’s and how proper preparation can help prevent poor performance. For us it’s simple. Embrace the technology, analyse the research, develop our products in line with that philosophy and enjoy our customers maximising their potential because of our meticulous preparation. Elite athletes have worked incredibly hard and overcome so many obstacles to get to where they are in their career, so it’s only right that we do everything we can and explore every avenue to ensure they’re reaching their full potential.