Twin Challenge: Can Supplementation Give You The Edge?


When it comes to sports nutrition, we often get asked:

‘will supplements really make a big difference to my training?'

The answer is YES!


Diet and exercise are naturally the key building blocks when it comes to achieving your fitness goals, but many underestimate the impact sports nutrition can have on helping you to amplify your results. Ensuring you have the right nutritional support can give you that extra oomph to take your training to the next level!

To show the true power of sports nutrition and disprove a few myths too, we decided to recruit twins Jessica and Francesca and conduct our own mini trial!

The identical twins underwent a bespoke eight-week programme created by Bio-Synergy ambassador and qualified trainers, that incorporated a personal training regime and a diet plan. The twist? Only one of them took Bio-Synergy supplements (and we did not know which one) to support their results. Both girls wanted to lose weight and tone up. We wanted to see how supplements from our best-selling range could impact that goal.

To kick start, we measured both of the girls to ensure we could go beyond weight loss to see genuine inch loss. Remember scales can lie and don’t often represent true results!

Both girls followed exactly the same workout routine and diet plan. The only difference was the addition of Bio-Synergy supplements. The twins themselves decided who would be the supplement taker, keeping the Bio-Synergy team in the dark. Without this knowledge we were able to ensure both of the girls received exactly the same coaching and advice.

It was Jessica who selected to trial the sports supplements, which saw her take Bio-Synergy Whey Better Protein Powder, Bio-Synergy Creatine, Active Women Multivitamins, OMEGA Fish Oils, Perfect Body CLA and Bio-Synergy Skinny Water.


When the measurements came through at the end of the eight weeks, the results spoke for themselves. The final stats showed that taking supplements really does help lose inches whilst adding definition!

Jessica (with sports nutrition supplements):

  • Upper arm: lost 0.9 inches

  • Waist: lost 2.2 inches

  • Hips: lost 4.5 inches

  • Thigh: lost 0.7 inches

Francesca (NO sports nutrition supplements):

  • Upper arm: gained 0.4 inches

  • Waist: lost 1.3 inches

  • Hips: gained 0.6 inches

  • Thigh: lost 0.1 inch



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