Innovative Kinetic Measure Plate from Germany

Resilient results with simple exercises

With KMP Newton’s new Kinetic Measure Plate success in training can be measured in detail and simultaneously documented online. Easy exercises from sports science (knee bends, balance exercises, tapping, jumps and maximum power) allow to make statements on the power and power allocation in a person’s legs.

The output of the measured data, that is calculated online, is carried out immediately on a notebook’s display and the graphics are easy to understand. The handling of the KMP Newton Kinetic Measure Plate is intuitive, the procedure is self-explaining. There is no need for special knowledge in medicine or sports sciences.

The KMP Newton Kinetic Measure Plate is robust, compact, easy to transport, can be used everywhere because it does not need direct AC/DC power supply.


New potential customers: sport clubs and athletes

Because more and more German sport clubs and athletes, recently at the FIBO trade show in Cologne, value the advantages of the KMP Newton Kinetic Measure Plate, the company now wants to evaluate how the web-based Kinetic Measure Plate is accepted by the professional audience in European countries outside Germany, especially in the United Kingdom.


The company KMP Newton produces a unique 100% made in Germany web-based Kinetic Measure Plate at its own facilities at Landsberg/Lech in Bavaria. The multi-year development of the KMP Newton Kinetic Measure Plate has been actively supported by a promotional program for technology oriented start-up companies (BayTOU) from the Bavarian ministry for economics, media, energy and technology. Please test the KMP at our stand no. 8191 in London.

KMP Newton GmbH, Bavaria, Germany


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