Digital solutions have become an integral part of elite athlete management but ask 10 professional coaches about their experiences with these systems and you’ll get 10 different responses!


One reason for this is that the market is still developing; there are many different solutions which each deliver different features and capabilities. This means clubs often need to invest in multiple systems to meet their needs.

At Kinetic, we are firm believers in ‘unified’ athlete management systems. That's why we've built our own platform which brings together everything you need to manage an elite sports team, providing a single, integrated platform for athlete management.

Here’s 5 reasons why your club needs a unified athlete management solution.


Intuitive, Centralised Management

Typically, you’ll need several different applications to manage a squad. As a result, day-to-day management tasks can become extremely complex. This means, that more often than not, you’ll revert to the trusted (but inefficient) pen and paper approach. The result: the key data that the Physio needs is stuck on the S&C coach’s desk! Even if you do record data digitally, linking the information meaningfully is time consuming and complicated.

The idea of a ‘unified’ athlete management is to bring all the features the different users need into one application, and then be able to extract relevant data for any player or squad using data from multiple sources. With a simple, intuitive interface, coaches can access player details, calendars and training logs with a single click, saving time on formatting and uploading data. Digitally linking player details week-by-week can save hours spent hunting for information other members of staff.  


Unified Communications

Many clubs still communicate using social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp and more traditional forums like email and Google Docs. For many coaches, however, this causes as many headaches as it solves: which app to use when?!

A unified athlete management system allows clubs to have every conversation on a single platform. You can create one-to-one and one-to-many conversations and create interactive group discussions about a video clip for example. Coaches and backroom staff can create their own group conversations, allowing information to be shared quickly and securely on any device.

With intelligent notification capabilities similar to those of prominent social media apps, a unified system improves the security and professionalism of a club’s communication, and makes sure you know when each player has read a message.

A unified system also enables effective collaboration and the sharing of ideas, allowing squad documents to be stored in a central, easily-accessible repository. You can plan tactics and team selections digitally and do away with whiteboards!


Collaborative Video Analysis

Over recent years, video analysis has become an indispensable tool for coaches and players. There are some great apps on the market that make clipping and editing videos fast and easy. The running theme is, again, that mostly these are ‘stand-alone’ apps! This means either having to import the clips into another system, or having another channel of communication from that app. This is cumbersome, complicated and time-consuming.

Bringing video analysis into a unified athlete management system solves this challenge; there is no need to waste time moving videos between different systems and video statistics, and any comments, are immediately available across the rest of the system. So now the S&C coach or the Physio can tailor training based on real data from match performance.


Improved Statistical Analysis

Clubs collect vast quantities of athlete performance data. Typically, however, this data is stored in different physical and digital locations. Sharing and correlating a range of different data sets, then interpreting statistics is again time consuming and challenging.

A well-designed, unified athlete management system makes uploading and sharing data simple and quick. Once data is on the system it will then be easy to create powerful reports from diverse data sets. Coaches and staff can then monitor the condition and progress of their athletes in new ways and correlate different data sets. For example, the S&C coaches can easily compare academy players with first team professionals.


Data Protection

With the advent of GDPR in May, it is important that you know exactly what information is stored where. Unified athlete management systems are built with GDPR in mind, so you can prepare your club for the upcoming implementation.

Unified athlete management systems centralise data hosting, so you can be confident that data is secure and backed up. You can reduce your dependence on paper-based communications making your operations more secure and ensure that sensitive information is restricted for those who need to it, for example, it would be possible to only allow club doctors to see confidential medical reports.


At Kinetic, we have built a system which places the concept of unifying and correlation data at its core. Bringing together video analysis, team management, strength and conditioning, talent ID and player welfare – to name a few – the solution has already transformed the way a number of elite sports clubs manage their squads.


If you want to find out more, we’ll be at the Elite Sports Expo in May, so come by and have a look! Otherwise, just click here and we’ll arrange a demo or trial for you to see how Kinetic can work for you.