The Future Gym Area at the Elite Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Expo

Future Gym Arena

An Interactive Look at The Future Of Gym Equipment

The Future Gym Arena offers visitors access to the the future of training. The arena is dedicated to giving the opportunity for people to interact and try out the latest and most innovative gym equipment that has been created by the very best and most-forward thinking manufacturers. Visitors will be encouraged to immerse themselves into the equipment so they can experience the products and solutions that will dominate the future of fitness training.

Cryomed at the Future Gym Arena


The Cryosauna is a system for general cryotherapy in which sessions are done at a temperature of -110 ° C to -170 ° C in the chamber

ESP Fitness at the Future Gym Arena


The TOTALFREEDOM™ modular Cross Frame is a freestanding high performance functional rig that can be configured to almost any size and designed to fit over TOTALFREEDOM™ lifting platforms. The frame features multiple bar thicknesses, different bar heights and configurations; barbell pivots; band and suspension training attachment positions; storage options for medicine balls, powerbags, kettlebells; squat stand. Ideal for any suspension and ‘Crossfit’ circuit or group training. The versatility of the CrossFrame extends further, as a galvanised corrosion-free version is available on request for outdoor training.

Tank By MT3 at the Future Gym Arena


The Only Real World Resistance Trainer...Nothing is more functional than feet on the ground training your body in real world, not simulated, athletic movements. Increase speed, acceleration, and explosive power on the surface you play on. Drive TANK on the football field, running track, basketball court, or carpet. Whatever shoes your sport calls for, TANK allows you to train in them.

BODYSHAKE at the Future Gym Arena


The ultimate protein shake machine. State of the art machine hardware, along with a cloud-based software platform, and highest quality sports nutrition ingredients to leverage all the advantages of a 24H brick & mortar protein shake bar, without staff, huge space or high costs.

Technogym at the Future Gym Arena


Users enjoy the most engaging all-round experience of Athletic Performance Training with SKILLMILL™ Connect, a fully connected product with a large backlit LCD display and data tracking function to assess personal workout parameters and results, and store them via the cloudbased mywellness® open platform.

Technogym at the Future Gym Arena


Technogym present a Skillmill, Group Cycle, Plyo Boxes and Kettlebells in a circuit format run by a Technogym master trainer.

Hypervibe at the Future Gym Arena


Hypervibe´s new Galaxy pivotal G25 platform is seriously powerful. Higher frequencies and G-forces mean triggering 95% of the muscle fibres every time. Time-saving re-hab and/ or impressive strength gain. It´s comfortably pivotal motion is also addictive!

Join The Pipe at the Future Gym Arena


Join the Pipe is the first network of tap water drinkers. We promote water as a sustainable and healthy option to drink by making it available at sports facilities and in public places. Many people want to fill their water bottle or have a sip of water whilst out and about. Our drinking water station is an inexpensive, healthy and environmentally friendly option of having drinking water accessible to people who are exercising. Join The Pipe present a new indoor tapstation integrated in a display with a storage for bottles which you can personalize with your own company logo. Easy to install in your university, gym or training area. The board enables you to communicate the Join the Pipe story and your own vision on a world where everybody has water to drink.