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SwimAR is an augmented reality heads up display for swimmers that can be attached to a regular pair of goggles.
It uses holographic technology to provide real-time performance data in a clear display that appears to float in front of your eyes.
An internal sensor takes care of lap counting for you so you can focus on form during your training.
The product is being developed by the experienced team at The Imagination Factory who have been using the same technology in a heads-up display for Richard Browning - The Real Life Ironman.
The idea was the brain-child of one of the founders of The Imagination Factory when training for a Triathlon. Julian was frustrated that he could buy training aids for running and cycling but there was no way to get real time performance data whilst swimming. Looking at a waterproof watch was disruptive to form and concentration.
The development journey involved trying multiple technologies before settling on a holographic display and has involved research and testing with numerous swimmers and coaches.
The experience of swimming with your time, distance and lap counts floating in the water in front of you is unbelievably natural. But don't take our word for it - come and see for yourself on our stand!

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