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Swellaway is a medical device with unique ground-breaking technology. We offer controlled compression combined with cooling and heating in a fully portable device, without the need for ice, water and heavy equipment.

Swellaway delivers the following;

Comfort and Self-Treatment
Control and Programmability
Data Capture and Intelligence
Convenience and Portability

We have the ability to very accurately control temperature on the surface of the skin between 6°C and 40°C. Swellaway can measure temperatures on the skin to +/- 0.5°C.

We are able to control the rate of temperature increase and decrease, as well as controlling the level of compression per mm/HG. We also have the ability to control the re-warming curve post cold treatment, which we believe is the key to successful rehabilitation.

Swellaway provides effective treatment for common musculoskeletal injuries and for the first time delivers a full user management solution, from prevention through to rehabilitation all in one device.

We offer a more effective alternative to traditional cryotherapy tools. Pre-operatively Swellaway can reduce pain and swelling on the affected area as necessary, prior to surgery. Post-operatively we reduce pain and swelling while enhancing local blood circulation, which may help speed up the recovery process after surgery.

Swellaway works very closely with Professor James Selfe of Manchester Metropolitan University;

`During the last 4 years Swellaway has gone through extensive research & development, both here at Manchester Met University and our colleagues at the University of Central Lancashire. In addition to being portable and providing precisely controlled treatments, one of the key benefits to the medical profession is the ability to download data which shows the exact usage of the device, when the product is used off-site or at home by athletes`

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