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StrikeCoach Ltd

StrikeCoach are world leading experts in human impact analysis.
Our core technology the PowerKube is the world's first calibrated, standardised, pc based impact analysis technology, PowerKube revolutionises the combat and impact sports industries through the introduction of scientifically accurate, reliable and repeatable performance measurement across the full spectrum of striking and impact techniques .

Endorsed by and installed at the the world's leading combat training facility, the UFC`s performance institute in Las vegas. Validated by the science community including the Australian institute of sport who conducted a 5 day study validating the reliability of the PowerKube for measuring maximum punching power in athletes.

Advanced software simultaneously captures and displays in real time the two key components of any strike, Speed power measured in Ft/Lbs - sec, and compressive energy measured in Calories X10, when combined these components form a compound unit we call the Franklin (f) named after its inventor, allowing for the first time ever the quantification of all impacts across all sports.

Instant real time feedback quantifies and establishes performance in striking power, stamina and reaction speed across all striking techniques in an athletes repertoire, promoting accelerated and sustained increases in power and efficiency, whilst providing instant insight in to strengths and weaknesses.
Multiple user functionality enables you to record all data building in depth history on all athletes displayed using in depth visual profiles.

Data can be easily analysed within the software and can be exported as an excel spreadsheet to enable further analysis. An inbuilt health monitoring capability flags potential health issues and the potential early onset of injury.

We have an exciting range of products from the portable PowerKube through to our PowerStation Pro designed for independent use in a busy commercial environment.

We look forward to welcoming you to the PowerKube stand.

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