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Raw Sport was created in 2017 by a former professional footballer and two nutritional therapists. The products are all derived from plant based ingredients and are one of the first vegan friendly products to be accredited under the informed sport trademark.
The products were carefully developed over 5 years of market research with the intention of innovating the protein market to a new level. Scientific evidence is lacking in the comparison of which type of protein is more beneficial to sporting recovery, but a vast amount of scientific data in the sports nutrition field has emerged. The intension of raw sport is to incorporate the science into a complete product that covers all aspects of sports nutrition, as opposed to the mass market, that since is it`s conception has offered derivatives of protein alone, for athletic recovery.
Raw sport repair protein powders provide 24 grams of protein per serving. All plant proteins are very low in the branch chained amino acids so we decided to add BCAA, derived from sunflowers to deliver a comprehensive amino acid profile that is comparable to any protein on the market.
How a protein is digested is essential to its utility within the body. Raw sport contains digestive enzymes that help to stimulate the digestive process after consumption. Pre & Probiotics also support digestion. Konjac fibre and Baobab powder act as prebiotics to the 5-strain probiotic present, that support digestion and absorption of nutrients. Studies on probiotics have shown to support the immune system and may help athletes by reducing muscle inflammation and post exercise muscle damage
An athlete gets stronger via inflammatory responses, but acute inflammation can impact training schedules or cause injuries. Raw sport contains 250mg of curcumin per serving. Curcumin is the anti-inflammatory component of turmeric. Scientific studies have found it very effective in reducing inflammation.
Electrolytes in the natural form of coconut water powder and grey sea salt are added to support rehydration.
Raw sport also has four nutritionally dense superfoods high in antioxidants to help combat oxidative stress and increase micro nutrient intake.
Many professional athletes are using raw sport across many sporting fields that include, football, rugby, boxing, cycling and triathlon. We are the official sponsors of forest green rovers football club and Adam booths boxing gym. We also have opened trade accounts with watford and man city football clubs.
The informed sport accreditation has been the major factor many elite athletes choose raw sport. Athletes can be safe in the knowledge that the products are clean, healthy and contain zero banned substances The feedback with have received has been exceptional and we hope to entice a greater number of athletes to use raw sport as the brand grows.

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