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ProSports Technology

Gain an edge: discover new technologies used by elite clubs.

Join our Initiative to keep your sports club up to date with the latest products, take part in ongoing research studies and test state of the art equipment.

Do you have the financial muscle to take advantage of the best new technologies? How can you keep up with all the latest products? And how can you differentiate between those that really deliver results against those that promise much and deliver little.

ProSports Technology is a research-based organisation that collaborates with institutes, technology companies and clubs to monitor innovation in sport worldwide. We identify the latest advances, evaluate results and advise elite sports clubs on new technologies under development which enhance performance on and off the pitch.

Our new community programme helps all clubs become involved with and benefit from the latest research and technology, whatever their budget. We work with technology companies to develop simpler versions of their new products which still provide essential gains, but at a more attainable price. And we negotiate favourable financial terms and alternative means of funding that are within the the reach of most clubs.

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