Exhibiting at the Elite Sports Performance & Rehab


To maximise human performance, first it must be measured. ProBiometrics brings to the market a product which quantifies parasympathetic nervous system activity in real time and objectively. The parasympathetic nervous system manages your body`s autonomic functions, keeps your heart beating, your lungs breathing and your gut digesting. Our product, called ProCVT, is the miniaturisation of a clinical device used in hospitals around the world for diagnosis of both neurological and cardiological conditions, and for drug development by companies such as Pfizer and GSK. ProCVT makes this technology available in a non-clinical form, opening up a number of exciting usage possibilities including achieving that elusive winning edge in sports.

Patented algorithms calculate Cardiac Vagal Tone (CVT) from a high resolution ECG, and ProBiometrics is the only company in the world licenced to use this technology. Each time your heart beats, your body makes an assessment of its internal homeostasis as well as taking information from all the senses about its environment. CVT precisely quantifies the result of this assessment, and when looked at in real-time gives a window into the flight or fight state of the individual.

The potential for ProCVT in the world of sports is game-changing. It can be used to measure training load response with unparalleled accuracy, simply by wearing a chest strap and lying down for 3 minutes. Daily readings will reveal how an individual's unique physiology responds to training load, allowing training programs to be tailored specifically to that physiology, thereby facilitating maximum performance.

CVT is also an objective measure of fitness, which means results between individuals are directly comparable. Which is why we are able to run a little competition ... we are inviting all Elite Sport Expo attendees to come and get measured to find out who is the fittest person at this year`s show. So come to Stand Number 6180, lie down, and within 3 minutes we can give you an objective measure of your cardiac fitness and wellbeing. It`s the easiest fitness test you`ll ever take - and the most accurate! The winner will receive one of our devices and a year`s subscription to our service for free.