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Winners in the 2016 Global Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards for Innovation with DEEP OSCILLATION®, PhysioPod® UK Ltd are also nominated in the Private Healthcare Awards 2017. Directed by Sisters, Julie Soroczyn and Mary Fickling, they exclusively supply the UK and Ireland with the full range of products from PHYSIOMED ELEKTROMEDIZIN AG, a world-wide leading producer of high-quality equipment for traditional and innovative physical therapy in the fields of rehabilitation, sport and aesthetic medicine. Approved suppliers to the NHS and recommended suppliers of The Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP), they are also well placed and respected among suppliers to the UK's elite sporting world. Aside from traditional treatment forms like electrotherapy, ultrasound, vacuum application, laser, shortwave, microwave, traction, cryotherapy, magnet and shockwave therapy, they also offer several innovative and clinically-tested therapy approaches, which include MAGCELL®, a unique electrode-free electrotherapy and DEEP OSCILLATION®; an internationally patented therapeutic design, which utilizes the forces of pulsed electrostatic attraction and friction to provoke oscillations that act deeply on the tissues of the body; from the epidermis down through the conjunctive and adipose layers and into the muscles, supporting and intensifying manual lymphatic draining (MLD), sports, holistic and equine massage with the added benefit of reducing pressure on the practitioners hands. Hernandez Tapanes et al (2010) were able to prove, by diagnostic ultrasound, penetration of the oscillations to an 8cm depth without any undue pressure being applied. Observed physiological effects of the therapy include, significant pain reduction, oedema resorption, fibrosis reduction, limited production of inflammatory mediators, especially during the treatment for chronic pain, a strengthening of the cutaneous tissues and stimulation of the wound healing process. It greatly benefits acute injury treatment, boosting the natural healing process and for
day one post surgical treatment reducing pain, swelling and inflammation and promoting mobility and sensitivity. It can be used over implanted pins and plates. Applied via vinyl gloves or applicators from Practitioner to Patient, handheld applicators also enable self-management, with patient`s continuous feedback of now feeling 'in control' of chronic conditions such as Lymphoedema and Lipoedema. Partners/supportive others can be instructed in its application, bringing a viable treatment option into the home, improving patient quality of life. Complex cases can also be treated effectively, including lymphoedema in the head and neck, breast fibrosis and genital oedema. Personal units are lightweight, battery operated and travel friendly. In addition to eight PubMed studies, DEEP OSCILLATION® has also been published in the Journal of Lymphoedema, The European Journal of Lymphology, and The Primary Care Nursing review. It also appears in the completely revised edition (2017) of "Leitfaden Physiotherapie in der Orthopädie und Traumatologie" (Physiotherapy Reference Book in Orthopaedics and Traumatology; ed. Frank Diemer, Heiko Lowak and Volker Sutor) which for the first time dedicates a full chapter to DEEP OSCILLATION®. Michael Seubert presents the effects of PHYSIOMED DEEP OSCILLATION®/HIVAMAT® in the section Physical Therapy and compares it with other established treatment forms. PhysioPod® UK Ltd are listed on Professor Timothy Watson's 'Electrotherapy On The Web' website (although not an endorsement or recommendation) listed as providing a 'professional service'. In 2016, PhysioPod® UK Ltd was delighted to add the expertise of Elaine MacNicol RGN Clinical Nurse Specialist to the team. DEEP OSCILLATION® is now 'recommended' by Dr Vodder Academy International and 'The Wittlinger Lymphoedema Clinic' in Austria.

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