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PHYSIOLAB®: a complete solution for cooling, warming and clinical compression.


Most methods using cold, compression and heat cannot be measured accurately, if at all. The result: the applied therapy may be of limited benefit or even detrimental.

PHYSIOLAB® delivers therapies that are:
• Accurate
• Reproducible
• Measurable
• Precisely controlled

This eliminates this `no control` approach, which is so common with many soft tissue therapies, as well the associated risks.

The result: a flexible and effective treatment time after time for:
• Soft tissue repair following injury or surgery
• Body performance and recovery
• Pain reduction

By using cooling, heating and compression combined or separately, PHYSIOLAB® delivers a precise, targeted, repeatable and clinically effective treatment which genuinely maximises the body`s ability to recover. This level of precision and repeatability has simply never been possible before.

The application of pressure, warming and cooling is commonly used but never with any real precision. We must understand what is required and when. We need to ensure enough energy (cooling, warming, compression) is provided to deliver the best outcomes but not too much, which could potentially slow down performance or even cause damage.

The new PHYSIOLAB® S1 is a portable solution providing safe and consistent cooling and compression. Robust and easy to use, it is ideal for outdoor or indoor use and includes features such as:

• Removable plug/play cartridges
• Easy fill, sealable water/ice cartridges
• Up to 6 hours of battery life

PHYSIOLAB ® is a toolkit for delivering thermal energy and compression to the body with maximum efficiency.

• Control - All the variables are intelligently controlled with precision and accuracy to respond to the body`s requirements. We sense and control to 1 and +/- 10 mmHg every second.

• Contrast - Contrast therapies are intelligently controlled with precision and accuracy to respond to the body`s requirements. With this level of control we can deliver temperatures to the body between 6°C and 40°c, either intermittently or continuously over a period of 30 minutes.

• Compression - Our patented Therapy Packs provide true clinical compression with unrivalled conformability across the entire treatment area. The multi layered design ensures pressure can be actively adjusted every second, either continuously or intermittently within a range of 25 to 75 mmHg. This is independently controlled and ensures thermal delivery is not impacted during therapy.

• Consistent - We can provide temperature, compression and fit consistently and accurately time after time.

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