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Fuel your body and focus your mind with MCTs. The alternative source of fuel. Surprisingly, their importance has been overlooked in the past - but at Nuroco, we realise their true potential.

Found inside every coconut or palm kernel, MCTs provide an instant and lasting burst of energy for your brain and body. These unique fats help elevate your performance by giving an added oomph to your usual nutrition. MCTs are the perfect example of why not all fats are the same. Their smaller structure, when compared to most fats, means they`re rapidly digested, offering immediate and sustained energy.

Combined with carbohydrates or used during carbohydrate periodisation, MCTs give an extra boost of energy with little or no effect on blood glucose levels. They act perfectly as an alternative energy for when you`re tapped out or want to keep blood sugar low. Furthermore, recent clinical research has recognised their importance and role in mitochondrial biogenesis within neuronal cells by providing the brain with another source of fuel.

Keeping all this in mind, at Nuroco we`ve combined this intelligent ingredient with coffee and packed all this goodness into a convenient, on the go sachet. All you need to do is add hot water! A simple formula with remarkable results to give your coffee, training and potential an added oomph.

Along with this, we have developed a simple on the go MCT Gel in a tear and eat sachet. Whether you`re on foot, bike or just about anywhere, it couldn`t be easier to empower your brain and body with the fuel they need.

MCTs, the alternative source of fuel to boost your performance.

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