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Prevention is better than cure, but can hamstring injury be prevented?

A number of risk factors combine to increase hamstring vulnerability, such as, for example: a lack of muscle strength; a significant Left-to-Right strength imbalance; residual fatigue and/or a lack of fatigue resilience in the hamstring muscle group.

In the past, none of these key risk variables could be readily monitored and tracked within practical contexts. Today, however, with the evolution of the Hamstring Solo Elite assessment system, that barrier has been removed.

Whether or not we can totally eradicate the risk of hamstring injuries, seems unlikely. We can, however, by integrating emerging scientific evidence, elite practitioner insights and newly available technology substantially reduce hamstring injury rates; improve the effectiveness of hamstring re-conditioning processes, and significantly diminish the negative, career limiting, consequences of prior hamstring injuries.

The Hamstring Solo Elite assessment system enables us to readily assess isometric and eccentric hamstring strength and local muscular endurance, evaluate training effectiveness, set training goals, assess injury risk, monitor fatigue and manage rehab.

The Hamstring Solo Elite is becoming the hamstring assessment system of choice for leading sports clubs and organisations, feedback shows that it is the most comfortable exercise/testing device on the market. This is not a trivial consideration. The more comfortable users are while exercising on the unit, the more they will engage and adhere to training/testing on the unit.

In fact, the biggest historical issue, with high-load eccentric training, has been lack of player adherence DESPITE clear evidence of eccentric's effectiveness. This may be especially pertinent to those who feel nervous of aggravating recovering injuries; have suffered prior hamstring and/or knee trauma; or are new to high-load HS training.

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