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Knight Scientific is all about research and innovation – and we are attracting world-wide interest in our unique tests that are used to manage performance and fatigue, prevent over training syndrome and detect infections sometimes up to 48 hours before any symptoms show. Who should I push and who should I rest? is what coaches want to know; the ABELsport™ test provides the answer. The test can be performed by yourself near to the athlete, on the track, in a changing room or even from the boot of a car. We can also test for you in our lab. In either case we will provide you with the necessary capillary blood collecting kits and post office approved mailer. We are now offering the option for you to run the test but for us to analyse the data for you and return the results within a matter of hours. The ABELsport™ system uses our unique portable ABELmeter™, which is an ultrasensitive luminometer.

But that's just a part of our offerings for sport. With a growing understanding of how ANTIOXIDANTS work in the body it is essential that antioxidant supplements are used appropriately and not allowed to down regulate the body’s own endogenous antioxidant defence mechanisms. However, during intense exercise, the body’s own antioxidant defences are vastly over whelmed by the reactive oxygen species (ROS) generated in the muscles. We can measure antioxidant capacity and oxidative stress of blood, optimise product formulations, recommend interventions, design trials to test the efficacy of your products as well as provide you with all you need to carry out the trials yourself. Learn about our unique ABEL® (Analysis By Emitted Light) products, including our go-anywhere ABELmeter™.

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