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Kinetic Athlete Management

Kinetic is an athlete management solution built to maximise performance.

Developed in collaboration with professional sports clubs, Kinetic simplifies athlete management by integrating all the different aspects of professional athlete management into a single application. The system, which is accessible from any device, includes:

• Health and Well-being: track and report player injuries and attach notes to submit to specialists. Design custom health questionnaires and accurately monitor player wellness.

• Video Analysis: upload video and create your own clips. Share these with entire squads or individuals and make public or private comments.

• Strength and Conditioning: input performance data to compare individual and team performance over time.

• Communication: instant messaging service for players and staff. Create multiple threads for bespoke groups.

• Collaboration: create your own document library and centralised information repository.

• Talent ID: this module is specifically designed to centralise scouting activities, allowing coaches to easily share information about up-and-coming players.

• Nutrition: track players diet and nutrition information and integrate existing nutrition applications into the Kinetic interface.

By combining all this functionality into a single solution, Kinetic simplifies team management and can deliver more granular insights into player welfare and performance. In professional sport, where the margins between victory and defeat are narrow and staff are overloaded with manual, paper-based management systems, Kinetic is a state-of-the-art digital athlete management system that can give your team that extra edge.

Kinetic has already transformed the coaching operations for a number of professional sports clubs; visit our stall at Elite Sports Expo - your club could be next!

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