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Kinesiology For Sports

Kinesiology for Sports offers an all-round complex method. It works on all aspects of your life to give you the best body/mind balance to achieve the results you deserve. It differs from other sports therapies by making it personalised according to your own need.

By using muscle monitoring, we get a reliable bio-feedback from your body, your mind (sub-conscious) and your muscles.

Since kinesiology pays attention to all three sides of the triangle of health (body, mind and nutrition) it is fair to say that working with Kinesiology for Sports is like working with a physical therapist, a psychologist and a nutritionist in the same time!

And it`s personalised just for you.

All professional athletes use their body to the edge. They make sure to eat right, exercise right, push themselves during the competition. And they seek professional help.

But: do they really have a balanced body? Have they ever got cleared from their past injuries? If not, the body will remember and prevent to use their full potential (to save from another injury). Do they know how hidden food allergy weakens their body?

Do they have the knowledge about how reactive muscles working against them? Or how they can handle recent or chronic pain without tablets? Not to mention how their subconscious mind prevents them to be the best, because of ongoing self sabotage programs?

Kinesiology for Sports can help to put the mind at ease, body back to balance, for a successful sports career.

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