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Invivo Clinical

At Invivo Clinical we are serious about providing you with the best functional laboratory tests and research driven nutritional supplements formulated by professionals for professionals.

A new approach to healthcare is emerging which looks at the underlying causes of dysfunction rather than symptoms and named disease. Referred to as Functional Medicine or Integrative Medicine, this approach focuses on identifying and addressing nutritional, metabolic and gastro-intestinal imbalances as well toxin effects that underlie chronic disease.

We offer functional laboratory tests, nutritional supplements and education to clinicians and healthcare professionals in the UK and Europe.

For clinicians and health care professionals we can take you from investigation of underlying issues with our functional laboratory tests through to clinical solutions via our research driven nutritional supplements. We also have a wealth of education resources available on laboratory evaluations, functional medicine and nutritional supplements.

For members of the public and patients we can offer the testing services and nutritional supplements as long as you are already working with a clinician or health care professional.

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