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Inspirational Friends

Inspirational Friends was created by Hannah Lawton, in memory of Eleanor Ellis, a fellow rower and inspirational friend to Hannah, who at the age of 23 lost her life to Cervical Cancer. Elle was first diagnosed in the summer of 2010; surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy ensued until, in March 2011 Elle was given `2 good months and then a swift decline`. When faced with death, Elle showed an extraordinary spirit and courage which inspired everyone around her. Despite the doctors estimate Elle lived for 15 months. She lived every day like it was her last. Eleanor, Elle to her friends, was an inspiration to all those who knew her. She was charismatic, adventurous and lived her life to the full, taking on every challenge which came her way. In 2013, the first Inspirational Friends challenge across the Atlantic began, but it didn`t go to plan. Since then Hannah has evolved Inspirational Friends, committing to do at least one big adventure a year with a friend and complementing it with various other small adventures and challenges.

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